What’s Chordal?

Chordal is the first creative platform to connect labels, publishers, artists, and managers through the copyrights they share, to bring the next generation of content creators closer to the music they love.

We believe the creative industry flourishes when artists flourish. Our goal is to build a more equitable and globally connected licensing economy that encourages the use of artist music in content, by providing access to education, curation, and best in class technology.

How is it different from other platforms that talk about sync?

On Chordal, one music party uploads an official master recording and all other rights holder partners involved with that track connect to it. This creates massive collaboration potential, and gives all partners involved unprecedented transparency.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who touches the music or visual industries.

Is it open for anyone to join?

Not yet. We’re in an invite-only BETA period for businesses only.

Will it eventually be open for any companies to join?

Yes. Sign-up at Chordal.com/RequestAccess and we’ll let you know when a spot opens!

Will it be open for independent artists to join?

Our creator edition is on the way. Sign-up now at Chordal.com/RequestAccess. Early artist sign-ups will get a special ‘Early Adopter’ offer when we open.

Do I have to pay for Chordal during Beta?

No, we’re not charging any users while we’re in BETA.

Is Chordal a micro-licensing library?

No, we’re a collaborative platform where rights holders do their own licensing directly with people who discover their music.

As a music buyer, does my subscription mean I get unlimited music from these companies for my content?

No, the subscription gets you community membership access. Checkout the key features on our website or sign-up at Chordal.com/RequestAccess to learn more.

Business Affairs/Clearance Questions?

If don’t have a Chordal account, but arrived at this website via metadata on a track that came from Chordal, please e-mail: clearance@chordal.com.